Beginnings of Princess Tutu

So as a ballet dancer myself I decided I had to cosplay Princess tutu. Not only is the show awesome but the character  design isn’t too shabby either. I highly recommend the anime if you are unfamiliar with it.


So to start the project off, I decided to make the tutu. This was by no mean an easy task since I decided to make an traditional pancake tutu. After researching the web for quite sometime it became apparent I was going to have to make my own pattern. Proper tutu patterns were too expensive too buy and there was not enough info online to download a pattern. I did happen to find some great blogs/websites that took me through the basic process. Here are some links for anyone else who needs them :

I am 5’8″ so I decided to go with a 16 inch tutu with 11 layers no hoop. I decided to do the no hoop for a couple reasons 1. it is just a costume 2. I am going to need to pack it on a air plane 3. money/lack of place to buy it. Now if you are intending to make a proper tutu use the hoop method. There are plenty of websites that sell them.

Here I started off by cutting 4 sections of 54inch tulle of each length. I used two types of tulle; petticoat and regular tulle. Petticoat or crinoline tulle is the heavier/more coarse tulle. Next to the lengths is an “p” or “r” standing for petticoat or regular tulle. 16 r, 14.5 r, 13 p, 11.5(hoop layer if making hoop tutu) p/r , 10 p, 8.5 p, 7 p, 5.5 p, 4 r, 2.5 r, 1.5 r. The petticoat tulle is a MUST it gives the tutu all it shape and helps it stick out properly.


After all the sections were cut out and sewn together, I needed to dye them pink. I used RIT liquid dye in petal pink using the stove top method. Be forewarn tulle dyes quickly because it is so porous. It took me only 5 mins to get the color I needed O.o


After dying the fabric it needed to be iron. Now let me tell ya 200 ft of tulle to iron is no walk in the park. It probably took me about an hour and a half to iron the sections. Make sure the iron is one low or you will melt the fabric.


After being ironed it was time to ruffle/pleat all of the tulle. There are many methods to pleating a tutu. Some people just gather the fabric others use large pleats. I decided to use a ruffler foot to pleat the fabric. I highly recommend this foot! It made the bunch of tiny little pleats and saved me a boat load of time. Best part is I can reuse the foot for any other project that requires gathering or pleating. Now, it still took some time to pleat the tulle with the foot. After all the pleating, surprise more ironing! It took about 2 hours this time.I gather about 2inch-4inch sections of the fabric to create pleats all the way down. Then I ironed them this way as well.


So all that was left after this was to pin it together and see how it looked! Not going to lie I was kinda nervous that it would stay up without a hoop but the end result was perfect 😀


That is all for today. I have to attach it to the basque/panty next. Thanks for reading 😀 If you have any questions feel free to ask me on my tumblr or refer to the website links earlier in the post.


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3 thoughts on “Beginnings of Princess Tutu

  1. I like anime too and I want to start doing some cosplay garments. This is looking good so far, can’t wait to see it finished.

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