Princess Tutu Cosplay Part 2

So after ruffling/ironing all the tulle I needed to make the basque and panty. For those who do not know a basque is basically a yoke or large waist band that is attached to the panty. I basically used the shape of a cheerleader’s skirt yoke and worked around that. For the panties I had a swimsuit pattern I used for the panty part.


 Now a proper tutu basque and pant should be made from strong, non-stretchy fabric. Since mine is just for a costume and non-dance purpose I decided to make the thing out of spandex. In the end it turned out more to be like a practice tutu but is still completely fine. So I used basic white spandex from Jo-Anns (with lots of coupons) and nude lining. After sewing together and adding the elastic it looked like this:


Please excuse the awkward yoga pants/mirror picture but you get the general idea.

So after that was assemble it was time for the attaching of the tulle to the actually panty. I would not say it was extremely difficult just time consuming (and needle consuming). Obviously a nice classical tutu is quite large. So trying to sew it on my tiny sewing machine was hard but I still managed to complete the task. I started by marking with a fabric pen where I wanted my layers:


After marking I pinned and gathered each section of tulle by layer. I made about a 3 inch overlap on the part where the two ends of the tulle would meet. Sewed them down with a zigzag stitch. Repeated for 10 layers.



Ahhh! So much tulle!!

So after all the layers were sewn on, it looked like this:


Yay It looks like a tutu 😀 Now to tackle the extreme puffy tutu by tacking/quilting the layers together. First I ironed all of the layers (yay more ironing). Then to tack the tutu I basically started at the bottom and worked my way up. I used an upholstery needle with two strands of heavy duty pink thread. I started at the second from the bottom layer went up to the first layer. After this I pulled the needle down to the third from the bottom layer then back up to the second, down to the fourth, etc. I did this for layer 1 through 5 from the bottom. I did layers 5-8 in the same manner. I left the top two layers untacked because it was extremely see through. For a proper tutu you would need to tack all the layers down so they don’t fly everywhere when the dancer is performing. I am extremely proud of the end result though. I never made a tutu before and it looks pretty good in my eyes. Here is the end product:



Thanks for reading 😀 Happy cosplaying and sewing!

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8 thoughts on “Princess Tutu Cosplay Part 2

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  2. Oh my gosh this is looking so amazing!!!!!!
    I am obsessed with Princess Tutu and you are doing the costume AMAZINGLY!!!
    I don’t see any other posts about it- have you completed it? I would LOVE to see the finished product!!!
    You are soooo incredibly talented!!!

    • I did complete it! I just have not gotten any photos yet lol. I kinda finished the bodice in a rush for Ohayocon back in January, so it is really messy. I was going to clean it up when I get back from school and do a photoshoot by a pond with ducks when I am at colossalcon in June! I have a picture of the completed costume minus the wig on my facebook and tumblr somewhere.

      • Oh my gosh!! I need to scrounge that up because I’m dying to see the completed thing!!!

      • I just found it on your Facebook and holy moly it looks amazing!!! That is legit the best and most accurate cosplay of Princess Tutu i’ve seen anywhere- amazing!!! I would love to see a photoshoot with the wig too!!! 🙂

      • Thank you so much 😀 You just made my day! I have a photoshoot schedule so I will have some nice photos soon!

      • 😀 Thank you so much!! I am glad you like it!

  3. I came across this looking for a pattern/basic shape for panties as I am trying to make “battle panties” for my Dragoon garb cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns! And you just happened to be a cosplayer too, from one of my favorite magical girl shows! The universe really knows how to bring things together. Anyway this blog is so wonderful and thank you for sharing your process!! It’s things like this that make me so happy to be a cosplayer. So many people are so willing to share and help us all grow our skills ❤ Come check out my cosplay blog if you want! 😀 ~Sailor Crafty

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