Elsa Photos

These gorgeous photos were taken back at Ohayocon 2014 with Sarah from Friese Frame Photography. I am so sorry I completely forgot to post the final photos on this blog! Anyways, They turned out so lovely and I am so glad to have had the chance to work with Sarah. Be sure to check out her other works! Click here to see all the photos from the shoot.



I hope to add some more “sparkles” to the bodice for Colossalcon(maybe a photoshoot with an Anna?!?!) and style the wig slightly different; but for the first time all put together the costume turned out wonderful. I am really proud of all the skills I learned during this project, especially since it was my first attempt at making an evening gown. I definitely know how to improve future dresses and garments from some of the mistakes I made though. Overall, I am really glad how the project turned out and thank you everyone for your amazing feedback! Your comments and likes have made me so inspired to kept creating costumes and outfits for a long time 😀

If you guys want more updates or casual posts from me be sure to follow me on Facebook and Tumblr. I am going to be using this blog to be posting just more official updates and walk-throughs.

On a side note, the semester is coming to an end and I have huge plans for the summer and the following school year. I have made a huge life decision and applied to fashion program, but I will post more about that when I know officially what I am doing. My next big project is going to be creating a silicone mermaid tail, more specifically, Nami (koi skin) from League of Legends. I have always wanted to be mermaid since I was a wee little one so this is a huge dream come true. I am also working on Belle’s blue peasant dress from Once Upon a Time and Rei’s school uniform from Evangelion during the months of April and May. As always thank you for reading and have a wonderful day. 😀

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4 thoughts on “Elsa Photos

  1. These came out so beautifully! Your costume is amazing and helpful. Can’t wait to see your later projects

  2. Katelynn

    Wow. Not sure if the photos are of you or not but whoever it is they look so much like the actress who plays Belle in Once Upon A Time. Total doppelgänger.

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